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Cellmate1 Remote Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

Cellmate1 Remote Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

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The World’s first app controlled chastity device

  • Differences Between Cellmate 1 and 2:
Compared to the first generation, the Second generation QIUI Bluetooth APP Remote Control Chastity Cage has more functions, including: Electric shock, timing unlocking, wired/wireless charging, adjustable bayonet ring, etc.

  • Features
- Worldwide control via app
- Keyless locking system
- Master controls unlocking
- Submissive cannot cheat or escape
- Single player self-locking mode
- Real time geo location and status
-This is a perfect solution if xyour Mistress (or Master!) is long distance based. It is also perfect/suitable for those who normally see a Mistress in real life but due to current global pandemic issues are unable to.
So why not purchase this Device and get your real life Mistress to control you remotely! That way neither of you are deprived!
- Long lasting (replaceable) battery life (8-12 months)
-Battery status can be read at any time via the App
- Designed for long time wearing
- Ergonomic and breathable design
- Available in two sizes (Long & Regular)
- Made of highest quality materials
- IPX6 waterproof
- Material cage: Polycarbonate
- Material rings: Zinq alloy
- Battery type: CR 14250

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