How to Measure for a Chastity Cage? 3 Easy Steps

Choosing the right chastity cage is essential for comfort and effectiveness. To help you find the perfect fit, here's a quick and easy guide to measuring for a chastity cage. Follow these steps to ensure you get the right size:

Step 1: Measure the Length

  1. Start Soft: Measure when your penis is fully flaccid. This will give you the most accurate measurement.
  2. Use a Ruler: Measure from the base of your penis (where it meets your body) to the tip. Make sure to measure along the top side for accuracy.
  3. Record Your Length: Write down this measurement in inches or centimeters.

Step 2: Measure the Girth

  1. Get a Flexible Tape Measure: You can also use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler.
  2. Wrap It Around the Widest Part: Find the thickest part of your penis when it's flaccid. This is usually around the middle.
  3. Note the Measurement: Write down the circumference.

Step 3: Measure the Base Ring Size

  1. Use a Flexible Tape Measure or String: Measure around the base of your penis and scrotum.
  2. Ensure Comfort: Make sure it's snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit a finger under the tape or string.
  3. Record This Size: This is the size of the base ring you'll need.
how to measure for a chastity cage
how to measure for a chastity cage

Tips for Accurate Measuring

  • Measure Multiple Times: Do each measurement a few times to ensure accuracy.
  • Avoid Erections: Measure when you're completely flaccid to get the best fit.
  • Consider Comfort: If you're between sizes, opt for the slightly larger size to avoid discomfort.
  • Take Your Time: Rushing can lead to incorrect measurements, which can cause discomfort later.

A well-fitting chastity cage should be comfortable and secure. Taking the time to measure correctly will enhance your experience and ensure you enjoy using your new device. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact our customer support for assistance.

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